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       Iontech  Beijing Technologies Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the development and production of EDI products. The company has the world's leading product technology, and a professional team with years of experience in developing and manufacturing numerous renowned international brands.
As a cost-saving and environment-friendly solution for ultra-pure water treatment, IONTECH's Continuous Electro-deionization(EDI) technology causes no regeneration of chemicals or acid-base emissions, thus can fully meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection. The modules can work continually for long periods with low energy consumption and high water use efficiency. IONTECH EDI has significantly lowered the requirement of feed water and provided good resistance to acids and alkali as well as unlimited chemical cleanings. The product water quality can reach above 18MΩ, and remain stable above 16MΩ.
      Specially designed for industrial applications, IONTECH's EDI module can easily produce ultra pure water of consistent good quality, and will not be interrupted by regeneration. It is widely used in electric power, electronics, food and beverage industry and laboratories.
About Us
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